FT4901 Seal Kit, Base  
FT6823 Seal Kit, Rod 40mm  
FT9131 Seal Kit, Steering cyl. 100mm Bore 344B/344LB Forwarder
FT9134 Seal Kit, Rod  
FT9157 Seal Kit, Steering cyl. 45mm Rod 344B/344LB Forwarder
FT9159 Seal Kit, Steering cyl. 80mm Bore 344B/344LB Forwarder
FT16088 Rotor Motor  
JDAH148164 Seal Kit, Rod  
Fabtek Harvesting Head
Tiffin Parts PN Description Model
FT1107 Pin– Saw/Upper Knife Cylinder Rod FT2000 - 18"
FT6754 Chain Catcher FT2000 - 18"
FT5206 Chain Cleaner FT2000 - 18"
FT3018 Grease Cap FT2000 - 18"
FT1133 Thrust Washer Nylon 4 Roller FT2000 - 18"
FT1131 Thrust Washer Nylon Dangle Head FT2000 - 18"
FT1128 Flange Retaining Standard 4 Roller FT2000 - 18"
FT1160 Flange Retaining FT 180 Dangle FT2000 - 18"
FT1136 Flange Retaining Hi-Speed 4 Roller FT2000 - 18"
FT6875 Oiler Block FT2000 - 18"
FT7102 Oiler Piston FT2000 - 18"
FT7295 Voac Hydraulic Saw Motor hi-speed FT2000 - 18"
FT8375 Roller, 16î Spiked, 4 Roller FT2000 - 18"
FT4504 Sprocket, 120 H, 4 Roller FT2000 - 18"
FT1020 Pin, 1.36 Dia. X 13î lg, FT2000 - 18"

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