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Prentice, Hydro-Ax, Caterpillar and CTR Parts

High Quality Forestry and Logging Replacement Parts For Sale

Tiffin leads the market as a supplier of Prentice, Hydro-Ax, Caterpillar, CTR and Timberking parts. Our warehouse stocks more than 300 parts for these brands that can ship to you today. Feel free to check our inventory, order parts, or contact us to find out more about a part number.

Supported Models

Prentice Log Loaders
120 120C 120E 124 2124 180
 180C  180D  T180E  210B  210C  210D
 210D-0RF  210E  280  2280  310E  325
 384  410  410C  410D  410-SPA  410DX
 410EX  410E  CRX625  2384  2384B  610
Stationary Mount        
Caterpillar and Timberking Log Loaders
519 529 559 559B 569 579
TK520 648 TK540 TK560 TK570 TK575  
Prentice, Caterpillar and Timberking Feller Bunchers
2470 2570 2670 553 553C 563
563C 573 573C  TK340 TK350  TK360
Hydro-Ax Feller Bunchers
411E 411EX 470 511E 511EX 570
670 711E 711EX      
Hydro-Ax Site Prep Tractors
421E 621 721E
Prentice and CTR Log Skidders
490 950 2432
Prentice Grapples
742 848 955 1060 1066 4055
5055 Grapple Cylinders      
CTR Delimbers
314 320 350 426

 Inventory Examples

Prentice Turntable Bearings / Swing Gears
100177 100178 10002614 10042174 10000709
Uniball Bushings       
8815590 2.00" ID      
8815995 1.00" ID      
10010588 3.00" ID      
8815977 2 1/4" ID      
8815978 2 1/2" ID      
8815991 2 3/4" ID      
8815992 1 3/4" ID      
8815994 1 1/4" ID      
10060605 45mm ID      
100610047 60mm ID      
Hydraulic Swivels       
10049016 10083222 10083223 10080098  
 10039142  10003961  10002246  8859979  
 536414  10038364  560052  30300928  

 And much more! Find out more about how to become a Tiffin Dealer for Prentice, Hyrdo-Ax, Caterpillar and CTR Parts.

Download Technical Documents.

The following are links to Prentice and Hydro-Ax technical reference files.

Swing Gear Catalog

Uni-Ball Cross Reference List

Forestry Engine Fan Belt Reference List

Hydro-Ax® Center Pin Parts
E and EX Model Series S/N 7586 and Before

Hydro-Ax® Rotary Ax Blade Parts HY300002388 Blade Kit

Prentice® 742 Grapple Cylinder Assembly PR10070426

Prentice® 742 and 848 Grapple Swivel Assembly PR10048869

Prentice® 210E Log Loader - 27' Knuckle Boom Assembly

Prentice® 410E Log Loader - 32'6" Knuckle Boom Assembly

The inside sales team is a great help. Tiffin keeps the parts in stock so I can easily maintain my inventory. The website is useful and easy to use to place orders. Parts return and warranty policies are there if you need them.

J. Roach
OEM dealer

The freight policy is a great program. The product quality meets or exceeds the OEM part. Orders are shipped the same day and the ability for Tiffin to ship direct helps me to sell to customers outside of my immediate area. The inside and outside sales team does a fine job.

G. Buck
OEM dealer

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